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SLC Lighting at 3rd Annual Keystone Diesel Truck Nationals

Maple Grove Raceway near Reading, PA held their 3rd Annual Keystone Diesel Truck Nationals. 300+ trucks were in attendance along with jet-engine dragsters, pickup trucks, and cars. While not a record-breaking event like the ATHS National Convention in York, PA, Maple Grove did a spectacular job hosting a family-friendly, entertaining, and enjoyable event in the heat of the day.

The event consisted of a drag race between cars, pickup trucks, and big rigs. That was followed up by a jet engine exhibition, which featured “The Jersey Thunder" dragster. More drag races followed with a second jet-engine exhibition. Finally, a parade of show trucks concluded the event by driving one by one down the strip. Awards were given out shortly after that.

Since our booth was right in front of the drag strip, we did not miss too much of the action. What was most exciting to us (apart from the jet-engine dragsters, of course) was the semi-trucks with full loads on their trailers racing each other down the strip. You don’t get that kind of action at just any old raceway. Another truck that stood out to us was a 1965 Peterbilt that was all original driving down the drag strip. While it didn’t go too fast, it was neat to see an older 100% original truck out on the track.

SLC Lighting would like to thank Maple Grove Raceway for having us as a vendor and special thanks goes out to Donna for helping us with anything we needed for the event.

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