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American Truck Historical Society National Convention Largest in History

Photo taken inside of the Utz Arena

During the last week of May, the American Truck Historical Society (ATHS) held its National Convention and truck show at the York Expo Center in York, Pennsylvania.

About 1,200 trucks were in attendance for the show, making it the largest ATHS event in history, if not the largest truck show of all time in the United States. These trucks travelled from all over the United States and Canada to be at the event.

Special guest Alex Debogorski, known as “The Original Ice Road Trucker,” helped raise funds for ATHS. Alex stars in a TV series on The History Channel called “Ice Road Truckers.” His featured activities were driving families around the track of the fairgrounds in a brand new International truck provided by Five Star International of York, PA. He also signed plenty of autographs and posed for pictures during the event.

Check out this week’s blog post for a special one-on-one interview with Alex himself.

Vendors from all across the United States were also in attendance offering various products and services. ATHS plans for the number of vendors attending to increase every year due to the large amount of people in attendance.

SLC Lighting was proud to be in attendance at this record-breaking show and would like to extend appreciation and gratitude to ATHS for having us, especially to Second Vice President and neighbor Tom Mullen of Linesville, PA for making sure we were well-accommodated at the show.

The next ATHS National Convention will be in Salem, Oregon. Check their website and Facebook page for more information if interested.

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