Sirius Headlight Bulbs

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    Sirius 5x7 Headlight Bulb

    Significantly brighter than sealed beam bulbs!
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    Sirius 5x7 Bulb

    Also known as "lens and reflector," "crystal lens," or "replaceable halogen" bulbs.

    - Comes with H4 55w/60w halogen burner which is replaceable. Can accept H4 or 9003 burners.

    - Lens is clear, smooth, and made of sturdy glass.

    - Die-cast aluminum reflector projects more light down the road.

    - Black metal bulb housing.

    Bulb Size: 5" x 7" (200mm x 141mm), 4.60" deep.

    Sirius description: NS-2212S 200mm Headlamp with Glass Lens.

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