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SLC Launches New Website

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

SLC Lighting launched a new website on June 8, 2015. Here is what has changed on the website.

Featured Truck

We post pictures of real trucks for the main page. These trucks are usually photographed at a show or are locally owned or operated. If you have a truck that you would like to show off to the world, picture submissions can be made to our webmaster using the Contact tab. Snap a picture of your truck, fill out the contact information, and you will receive an email back from the webmaster asking for your picture.

Weekly Sale Items

We plan on offering a few items on sale every week. These items will be shared with you through the image slider that will be on every page of the website. In the shop, these items will be marked with a special yellow “Clearance” ribbon on the image.

Although you are not able to click on the item yet, you can search for it in our shop. We plan on implementing this feature soon.

SLC Blog and News Articles

By publishing weekly articles in the Blog and News sections of our website, we hope to generate discussion with our customers. New blog articles will be released every Saturday and the topics will vary. These articles serve as more advice, opinions, and interesting information.

News articles will be released usually after we attend a show or an event. These articles highlight where we have been or what we are doing. Look for more announcement information in this section.

Below each article, you can share the article and share your thoughts in the comment section. We are always open to your two-cents.

Item Reviews

Below the picture of an item in the shop, you can select “Reviews.” This allows you to share your experiences with the item and rate it with a star-rating. By doing this, you can get real feedback on what they used the light for, tips for mounting, and just giving opinions on the item. We can also get real feedback if you found the item useful or not. This way, we can either order more (if possible) or remove it from the shop.


Our new website will adjust to any screen that you are using. This way, you can access our fully-featured website from your mobile device.

Enjoy the new website. Your feedback is always welcomed.

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