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More than Just Truck Lights

Usually, this blog is about trucks. However, this week, I wanted to shed some light about more of what we offer. While our main business is semi-truck headlights, we always have carried other products. For trucks, that is more along the lines of stop-turn-tails, backup lights, cab markers, clearance markers, and even mirrors. Offering these products (old and new) for truckers gives them another reason to come to one place for vision-related parts on their trucks.

However, did you know that most of the same products that go on trucks also serve other purposes?

In my connector article, I mentioned that a couple lighting connectors are used on various buses. If you look at transit buses, a lot of them use the dual rectangular headlights. For school buses, you will mostly see the single rectangular headlights. Fire engines, ambulances, and even the occasional construction equipment may use these headlights as well.

You can take that principle and apply it to marker lights, backup lights, cab markers, and mirrors. We do our best to carry products that serve multiple applications. This allows us to get more value out of the products we carry and it helps you, the customer, get a better price because we don’t have to special-order a product that we already have.

To carry that point even further, we do offer emergency lighting.

Again, emergency lighting is used on more than just police vehicles. By simply changing the color of the strobe, we can use the same products for fire departments, construction vehicles, escort vehicles, or even just for wide loads. The area where this becomes fuzzy is that different states have different requirements and legalities for strobe colors. That’s why I am hesitant to put these on the website. Maybe I should write a blog on this…

Moving away from vehicles in general, we do carry interior lighting.

Check out Greentech, Inc.’s website for more information on the various interior lighting products available. While we do distribute their older products under our “Interior Lighting” section on the website, we do plug for them when it comes to the latest and greatest in LED industrial lighting. From gyms to streetlights, Greentech has you covered. Please check them out.

I hope this article, while scattered, gave you a better understanding that we do offer more than just lights for semi-trucks. That semi-truck lights have more applications than meet the eye. That we are here to serve all lighting needs, not just the truckers. All who need lights are welcome.

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