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Introducing: The Unboxing and Review Series on the SLC Lighting YouTube Channel

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

Once a week, I like to look at products that we get in or have carried on the shelves for quite some time. I’ll open the packaging, see what kind of wiring, hardware, and reading material it comes with. Then I will examine the product more closely to see what materials it’s made from, how many LED diodes are in it, and then light it up. After all my inspections, I grade it based on practical use first, material construction second, and aesthetics third. If it is something that really gets a “Wow that is cool” remark out of me, I give it an award. All of this is called an “unboxing” or a “review” and I usually keep these facts to myself.

However, I believe that we can all benefit from products getting an honest review and close examination. I benefit from learning more about the products since I promote quality products. Truckers (you guys) benefit from seeing the product in action to determine if it suits your needs or if it even comes with the right wiring or hardware to put it on your truck. If I owned a truck, I would be researching high and low before I bought anything of significant value to put on it. Finally, the manufactures benefit from their product being closely examined and tested more, because they are out to make a better product. Competition is strong these days and even seasoned light manufacturers benefit from brutal honesty.

That is the reason that I am starting a new video series on our YouTube Channel. These videos will be a record of my own discoveries from unboxings so that we can all learn, benefit, and maybe even discover a new way of lighting the road. I will be as honest and practical as possible when I look at products, assign them a grade, and possibly even award it for being a genuinely jaw-dropping product.

As for the actual series of videos, check back from time to time and look for videos marked “Unboxing” or “Review.”

My “Unboxing” videos will be very short (5 minutes or less), just opening up a package to see what the light comes with as far as wires and mounting options. I’ll probably light it up too. These are shorter because it’s more for the crowd who is just curious about it.

My “Review” videos are going to be longer (10-20 minutes), going in-depth at all angles to see how quality the light is, if it’s practical or not, and then my thoughts on it along with assigning a grade and possible award. The reason why I am going longer on these videos is because if you are seriously considering one of these products as a potential purchase, you would want as much information on it as possible. Some lights are not cheap, I know that very well, and if you are considering spending $500-$1000 on lights, you want to make sure you’re getting every penny out of it. So, I would assume, you would spend the time in one place instead of hunting down information from all over. This would save you time in the long run. To some people, they’re just lights, and they are probably right. However, I don’t want anyone to be cheated or slighted in value in exchange for the money spent on a product because that money is hard-earned. I can relate to that very well, so I will do my best for you guys.

I keep mentioning “grades” and “awards.” What do I mean by that?

The grading scale is as follows:

A: Products that are the best available compared to their competition.

B: Products that are have very many good points, but fall short in one area or another.

C: Products that are satisfactory and follow the standard, and are nothing special.

D: Products that have to be jerry-rigged to work at a standard operation, but are legal.

F: Products that are impractical, unusable, not DOT compliant, or will damage a truck FAIL.

*Pluses and Minuses will be awarded as seen fit.

Potential Awards (Products that receive an A or a B qualify for awards)

PRACTICAL AWARD: These products know what the real world is like.

Products with the PRACTICAL Award are solutions to every-day problems. While not the most expensive, best-looking, or even brightest, products awarded the PRACTICAL Award provide exceptional value for money and are great for day-in and day-out use.

RADIANCE AWARD: Put your sunglasses on, these products are bright.

Products with the RADIANCE Award are the brightest in their class. Bar none. It is a specific award that represents incredible illumination, regardless of price.

CHROME AWARD: Sometimes a product just looks awesome.

Products with the CHROME Award turn some heads, catch the eye, and get compliments for looks. It signifies that you are getting a product that is drop-dead gorgeous.

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