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Christmas Blog 2015

Updated: Sep 12, 2018

I can remember “A Charlie Brown Christmas” growing up and its message of how commercialized Christmas was back when it was written. In this article, I will not write about sales, specials, or what this company can do for you. Rather, why not talk about what we do on Christmas?

What does Christmas mean to us, the employees of the company? Many on our staff observe the religious implications of Christmas, while others do see it as a time of family bonding.

As for me (speaking personally and not on behalf of the company), I observe both, the good-old faith and family Christmas. I travel to Cleveland on Christmas Eve to catch up with members of the family who I am unable to speak with often. It is wonderful to relax on a couch with a coffee, a few snacks, and talk to some cousins about where life is taking us. I have learned that traditions may change, such as the house we are visiting that year or the food that is prepared, but what never changes is the joy of seeing family members again. Some traditions I will happily leave behind, such as having my picture taken with the gifts I received that year or the Welsh tart recipe. Christmas day is spent with the immediate family and is also very relaxing.

That’s how I spend my Christmas, how do you spend yours? Feel free to comment below!

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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