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3" Diameter - Amber -  Reflector - W/ Green Steel - Military Spec Paint

Amber Acrylic lens mounted in a heavy gauge green painted steel housing.

Mounting: Ear Mount

Paint: 383 Green Paint Mil Spec: MIL-P-53022, MILITARY SPECIFICATION: PRIMER, EPOXY COATING, CORROSION INHIBITING, LEAD AND CHROMATE FREE (01 JUN 1988) [S/S BY MIL-DTL-53022D]., This specification covers a flash drying, corrosion inhibiting epoxy primer for ferrous and nonferrous metals. The primer is lead and chromate free and meets the air pollution requirements for solvent emissions.


* Available to purchase in RED P/N: 333-86-303


P/N# 333-81-303 Amber

3" Amber Reflector W/ Green Steel

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