The Lighting Basics: Why Can I Not Find Replacement Lights?

If you own an older truck or one with new aftermarket LED lights installed, it can be frustrating to find a replacement for a failing unit. Especially if the truck you need the lights for is on the road every day. While I am not providing outright solutions, I will try to “clean up the waters” when it comes to explaining as to why you may be unable to find a replacement light.

Here are five things to keep in mind about the lighting industry.

A company discontinued a certain light. This is the most common reason. The lighting industry’s needs change rapidly, standards are raised, or it is no longer cost-effective. The end result being products become obsolete.

A company went out of business. Competition comes and goes. Typically, when a company goes under, they will sell their old stock to another business to resell for a limited time. Another company could also purchase the assets of that company to produce the same light under a different brand.

A company doesn’t sell aftermarket. Some exclusively sell their products to OEM manufacturers. This can result in specific lights being over-priced or hard to find an identical match. This is where the aftermarket light manufacturers come into play, to fulfil that niche.

One company manufactures that light. A company may either have exclusive legal rights to manufacture a product or the demand is so small that other manufactures decided not to produce the product at all.

One truck uses that light. A fine example is a vintage International Eagle. The stacked headlights on that truck are not installed on any other model. We happen to offer replacements for those.

Next month, I will be busting myths and addressing common misconceptions about why one light may be brighter than another.

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